Scent plays an integral role in the atmosphere you create in your home. It can be the finishing touch in your home decor and can transform your home into a haven where your well-being is supported by your surroundings. Clean-burning coconut wax candles are a safe and gentle way to introduce scent into each room in your home. With the aromatic throw of an elegant looking candle, or the gentle crackle of the wooden wick; candles set the mood throughout your home.

Enjoy our guide to enhancing the experience of being home with our candle collection.

Welcome Home

Set the tone with your hallway entrance by placing a fresh and clean-scented candle to greet you and your guests. Our Banana Pandan is softly sweet and fruity, with a blend of Green Pandan, Jasmine and Cardamom creating a fresh, green banana scent. Sakura (Japanese Blossom) is a delicate, floral scent that creates an inviting, aromatic greeting. 

Live in the Moment

In the Living and Sitting room areas, scent can be used to enhance the activity or the time of day.  A cozy night by the fire (or the illusion of one!)  is complemented  by the crackling wooden wick and the soft, musky scent of the Mokuzai candle; a blend of Creamy White Wood, Jasmine, Musk and Cedar.

Similarly, our Sandalwood candle, with comforting notes of Cedarwood, Amber, Musk and Vanilla is smooth and rich and encourages a relaxing living area. For refreshing, anytime or daytime scents for the living area, both our Sakura (Cherry Blossom) and Kakigori (Japanese Sorbet) candles are ideal choices.

The Secret Ingredient

The Kitchen may not seem like an obvious choice for a burning candle with the competing scents created by cooking and baking. However, candles can help diffuse the cooking smells and create a clean, inviting space for the heart of your home.

Our Lemongrass and Ginger candle is a warm and stimulating scent that is also good for neutralising odours. The Banana Pandan is also a refreshing, clean scent for the kitchen. White Tea and Sage is a herbal blend of Tea, Fresh Sage, Lemon and Jasmine, perfect for burning after cooking to refresh the kitchen and encourage family and friends to gather and enjoy the space. 

Sweet Dreams

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary; a place to rest, recharge and even reconnect with your partner. A good night’s sleep is an essential part of a wellness routine.

Our Lavender and Matcha candle can support sweet dreams with its soothing note of White Tea, Lavender, Jasmine and Tonka. If you’d like to create a space that feels more warm and romantic in mood, our Sandalwood candle embraces you with its musky and softly sweet blend of essential oils. Both scents will signal your brain and body to unwind and relax.

One of the most beneficial features of our coconut wax candles is that, because they are made in small batches and cured for 2 weeks, they produce a ‘throw’ of scent, even when not lit. By placing our candles in your bedrooms you can create the atmosphere of relaxation without the worry of falling asleep while a candle is burning.

Soak It Up
The calming Lavender and Matcha candle makes a perfect complement to an ensuite bathroom where the scent of the bedroom can be continued. You can elevate your bath to a spa retreat when you accompany it with one of our coconut wax candles. The White Tea and Sage candle is another great choice for bathrooms. Its fresh scent helps neutralise any other odours of a bathroom and help maintain a feeling of a clean, welcoming home.

We hope you enjoyed this scented candle home tour. Explore our collection and let us help you create a home of balance and harmony.